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Pot Racks & An Organized Kitchen

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Anyone who knows me knows that I by as many pots and pans as I do shoes and bags. However, just like with shoes and bags, the problem with buying a lot of them is knowing where to put them and how to organize them. Enclume pot racks helps solve that problem.

I have cleverly left space in my kitchen to put my enclume potracks. But really, you don’t need to set aside any special space. You can put them on the ceiling,especially above an island. Or they work well in an unassuming corner. a corner that you may not use for anything.

One enclume pot rack that I especially like is the one that can be  mounted on the wall. So on the  wall above my range, I can conveniently grab for my favorite pots and pans and utensils. What a clever way to make use of unused space in the kitchen. I only wish organizing my shoes was so easy

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