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A Royal Cup of Coffee

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Dreaming of a luxe cup of coffee? Want to live like royalty? How about drinking a cup of coffee that has gotten a Royal Warrant . . Strong Vend holds a a Royal Warrant appointed by Her Majesty the Queen for their products.

My favorite way of starting the day is to begin by sipping a velvety smooth cup. Just think of how all your customers would love to do the same!

Buy your bean to cup coffee machines from a company that really is passionate about what they do, one that not only provides superior quality products but prides themselves on their excellent customer service. And it really shows, they have providing service to many customers for 20+ years.

A company that not only provides superior bean to cup coffee machines but makes it their business to carry fair and ethical products. And Strong Vend is a company that is a one stop shop for providing top quality brands of coffee and tea as well as top quality machines, all in one place. That alone saves time for a busy business owner.

Have you ever savored a luscious, smooth cup of cappuccino or espresso at a state of the art coffee bar in Italy and wanted to replicate that? You know that excellent coffee quality made with state of the art espresso machine. You can replicate that. Consult with the experts that have provided services to the Royal Family. And if that is not enough for you, they use products that are made by companies that are just as passionate about what they do, and it shows.

And most importantly be sure to go with a machine that takes you from bean to cup.  With  bean to cup coffee machines the fresh aroma of coffee beans grinding away only adds to the total coffee experience. Your customers will be enticed by the haunting perfume wafting through  the air of freshly ground coffee beans,

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