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Top Ten Things To Do in Venice

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In honor of the soon release of The basic Art of Experiencing Venice, I wanted to share the Top Ten Things to do When in Venice

Venezia’s Top Ten

Guest Editor: Emily Whalen

Venice! It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and one of those places you’ve just got to visit for yourself to truly see it. But there’s so much to see it can be overwhelming! Here’s a top ten list of what not to miss.

  1. Try a gelato. When it Italy, it’s practically mandatory to get a scoop of gelato. In Venice there are plenty of gelato counters sandwiched between souvenir shops. But keep in mind – the best and creamiest gelateria’s are often just a little off the beaten track.

  2. Churches. Ducking into a cool, shadowy church is the perfect way to find 10 minutes respite from the busy narrow streets of Venice. The basilica in St. Mark’s square is of course a must-see – with its glittering gold ceiling and undulating mosaic floor – sunken by all the feet that have crossed it.

  3. Find a Venetian souvenir! Venice is filled  with souvenirs and tourist shops – masks and the famous Venetian glass are everywhere. Maybe you’ll find a jewelry shop where it’s the owner’s brother from Murano who crafted the rings and bracelets. Or perhaps you’ll come across one of the few mask shops where the owner and his wife still craft their wears by hand. You can see them working with the molds as you browse – and pick out one of the colorful masks for yourself!

  4. The Rialto. If you can’t find an authentic shop to buy your souvenir from, there’s always the Rialto! Shopping is an experience that’s been going on up and down the shops lining this bridge for hundreds of years. It’s also the perfect place to watch the boats and gondolas going by on the Grand Canal.

  5. Get out on the water. Transportation in Venice is expensive because all of it has to be done on the water! But even if it’s just taking a vaporetto from one of sight to another, you’ll want to plan to be out on the water at least once. The way the grand houses and palaces look from the water, and being a part of the traffic of Venice – that’s a sight and experience in itself!

  6. Pick out your favorite treat. In addition to gelateria’s, Venice has lots of bakeries with every kind of cookie or tart or pastry you can imagine. Have a little sampling tour and try a croissant with nutella in it, or some tiny crispy Italian cookies!

  7. Don’t be afraid to get a little lost. The best gelato and the most authentic souvenirs are sometimes off the beaten path – so don’t be afraid to follow your nose and just wander, without worrying about a map! You’ll find laundry lines hanging up high across the narrow lanes, and hidden gardens with roses spilling over the walls. And you can never go too far without finding a handy sign pointing you back towards the more mainstream areas.

  8. Piazza San Marco. Napoleon called it the living room of Europe, and if you’ve been to Epcot at Walt Disney World, you may find yourself recognizing the tall red bell tower and the pink brick Doge’s Palace in St. Mark’s Square. This is where all the tourists come, and you can tell why – it’s so grand and so beautiful. The famous pigeons, cafes, museums – it’s all here. It’s a must-see in Venice!

  9. One of the most beautiful ways to see St. Mark’s Square is from above – St. Mark’s Basilica has a balcony that you can access. It’s part of the museum upstairs. Admission is four euro, and you’ll also get to browse through old mosaics, sculptures, and the famous four horses.

  10. Treat Yourself. Venice is an expensive city, there’s no doubt about that. You’ll want to be prepared for the prices, but you won’t want them to stop you from treating yourself at least once. Whether it’s a gondola ride or one of the cafes in St. Mark’s Square (where a cup of coffee at the famous Florian’s Café can be eight euro – but you do get to drink it with an orchestra playing outside the café!), Venice is a place to indulge yourself, because the memory will be worth it

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