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Slow Food and Local Beans,Wheat from Abruzzo

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Know your food and its’ producers..thus the philosophy of Slow Food!

Grano Solina wheat from the Apenine Mountains of Abruzzo. This wheat and its’ flour have a close relationship with the people of Abruzzo and share thir history. It is a sturdy wheat and makes great bread, focaccia as well as screpelle ( a type of crepes served in broth) This wheat was first planted  here  in the 14th century.

Lentils grown in Santo Stefano do Sessanio-delicate and fragrant are the only way to describe these little gems. Grown 1000 meters above the sea aslo in this town in the Gran Sasso mountains. These lentils are grown in an uncontaminted are designated in the Nartional park fo Abruzzo. They are especially known for their delicate nature since they do not have to be soaked overnight before cooking. And of course are used in the traditional lentil soup made in Abriuzzo.

Chick Peas grown in Navelli- Navelli is a medieval neighborhood in the Gran Sasso mountains. The countryside here is a purple color thanks to the saffron grown here. But chick peas also share a hitory with this liitle town. They are red, white and black.

All of these products are from the region of Abruzzo..I know exactly where they are produced, and I have met the producers of these products….they are grown in locations that are rich with minerals hence when you consume these products you will also benefit from these minerals and vitamins.

Abruzzo has a long history in using beans in their dishes from first courses to desserts. From minesre di ceci and castagne (chick pea and chestnut soup) to a sweet ravioli made with mashed chick peas and honey.

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