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Happy Easter..Buona Pasqua…2016

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Easter.. Pasqua now a memory..a delicious one…filled with freshly made ravioli and sugo (sauce) and a big bowl of macedonia and (what else) lots of chocolate..thanks to the Easter Bunny!  Sofia asked me if she could pay homage to  him for being so generous… and if I may quote ….. my 6 year old niece,,”Easter is special because it is about family and  friends yes….  thank you”….
03-27-2016 08_56_23PM(photo by Sofia Liberati)

The macedonia (fruit salad) always has a special place at our Holiday table because our grandmother used to always end a family holiday dinner with a big bowl of seasonal fresh fruits marinated in freshly squeezed lemon juice with  dash of sugar.. Our Easter Macedonia included fresh pineapple chunks, fresh kiwi, grapes, pears, bananas…freshly squeezed lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of sugar.


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