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Adopt a Rescue Pup.. Recipe for Risotto for Dogs

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My precious rescue pup and I are spending our first Memorial Day together… Sweetie Bear (the name came from my 6 yr old  niece, Sofia Liberati, who said that the pup looks like a tiny black bear)..she is a welcome guest to our family picnic and of course she deserves something special cooked for her so here is a recipe I created for Sweetie Bear..a special risotto that can be served chilled if you need to place in a container to take with you on a picnic. However, do not use this as the only food in a meal, mix with dry food that already have proper nutrition. For my pup I give 1 tablespoon of this dish with 1/4 cup of her dry food.

Sweetie Bear’s Risotto with Chicken

1/4 pound cooked chopped chicken meat (Boil the meat, then chop into small pieces)

1 fresh zucchini  cut in small pieces, boiled till soft

1/2 cup rice cooked till tender

Cut chicken meat into small pieces. Drain zucchini and in small bowl mix  chicken with cooked rice and zucchini. Let cool and serve. This makes more than one serving depending on the size/age  of your dog.

This recipe is meant for dogs and should be served along with the dry food and NOT Served as the sole food in a meal.



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