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Oils..not all created equally…

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In cooking, the rule of thumb is that..”not all oils are created equal”. So  when I recommend using olive oil, I must specify that the olive oil should be extra virgin, first cold pressed, certified, organic. Not all oils are the same.

The same goes for oils for the skin, hair and nails…..”not all oils are created equal”. So when you want to get the benefits of using  oils on your skin, hair and nails you have to use an oil that is organic, pure and 100% naturally sourced. Using an oil that has chemicals  and fragrances defeats the purpose..and is worse than using no oil at all.

So when you choose the perfect oils for your skin..go to

Eden’s Semilla – 100% Naturally sourced Vitamin E Oil with Rosehip and Jojoba Blend

Eden’s Semilla – 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil


I love the lush feeling my skin and hair get when using these oils….


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