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Top 10 Places to Study Abroad

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Guest Blogger: Annie Beurman

When a student chooses to go to college, their learning opportunities expand greatly. Not only are they free to study what they wish, but they can go nearly anywhere in the world to do so. This is where the idea of studying abroad comes in. For those looking into studying abroad these are the top 10 (in no particular order) places to do so.

  1. Spain

As long as you know some basic Spanish, (though you can always learn while you’re there,) Spain is a common choice for college students. When you’re not studying, there are plenty of beaches to explore, local foods to try, and you can enjoy loads of fiestas and Flamenco dancing.

  1. China

As one of the largest countries in the world, China has over eight hundred universities to choose from when you study abroad. It goes without saying that you can look forward to seeing iconic structures like the Great Wall of China or try some authentic Chinese food, but you don’t even have to know Chinese to study there. How great is that?

  1. Italy

With all the talk of our upcoming Italian cookbook, why not talk about the country the cuisine came from? This country happens to be home to some of the oldest universities in the world, including the University of Bologna- the oldest of them all. With this country’s iconic architecture, art, and yes, food, you can learn just as much about Italy as you can your desired subject when visiting.

  1. England

While Harry Potter’s Hogwarts sadly only exists in the world of fiction, that doesn’t mean that England isn’t fantastic on its own. Not only does it contain some of the best universities in the world like Cambridge and Oxford, it’s also the home of many famous castles, cathedrals and landscapes as well as Stonehenge and Big Ben.

  1. Australia

Ever wanted to visit the home of koalas, kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef and AC/DC? This country/continent features 43 universities, some of which rank in multiple top 100 universities lists. When you’re not studying for school, you can explore the beaches, the oceans and the outback of this small but beautiful continent.

  1. France

Combining the ability to study almost any subject, some of the most famous museums and landmarks in the world and several universities to choose from, how can France not be on this list? In addition, you can learn all about the French culture and try all sorts of new foods. You may even learn some French while you’re there.

  1. Germany

The beer it’s known for isn’t the only reason to visit this country. Germany is rich in culture, hiking trails, castles and contains one of the most historic cities there is; Berlin. Hundreds of universities are open for study and many classes are taught in English. Don’t forget to enjoy some great music, sausages, bread and, of course, beer.

  1. Costa Rica

Known as one of the happiest countries, this tropical North American destination is perfect for serious students with its fantastic education system and perfect for explorers with its nature such as rainforests and mountains. Just because it’s a cheaper place to study doesn’t mean it’s not fantástico (and don’t forget to immerse yourself in Spanish.)

  1. Brazil

Being the largest country in South America, only in Brazil can you learn Samba and Portuguese, see the world’s largest rainforest, celebrate Carnival and get a cheaper college education than in the United States all in one place. As a bonus, it’s also perfect for soccer players and fans with its abundance of stadiums and their FIFA World Cup winning team.

  1. South Africa

11 languages you can learn, cheap and delicious food, rugby, and loads of diverse cultures, there’s plenty of reasons to visit this country down south. Home to the beautiful city of Cape Town, twenty six universities and plenty of attractions for your free time, the bounty of amazing sites will make you never want to leave.


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